AlloyGator® Wheel Protection - Twickenham, Middlesex


A tried and tested, cost effective and durable alloy wheel protection system which vastly reduces the risk of wheel damage.


AlloyGator are made of a “Super Tough Nylon” which is flexible and won't damage your alloy wheels during fitting, but tough enough to give superior protection.


AlloyGators come in sets of 5 'gators and are available in 10 different colours: Silver - makes rims/wheels look larger Black & Gun-Metal - hardly discernable Red, Blue, Yellow, Pink, Green, Orange and White - adding styling to your alloys.

AlloyGators are currently available in one size to suit up to 21" Alloys with a maximum gross vehicle weight of 3000kgs.


Contact us on 020 8898 5656 for more information!


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